Friday, May 28, 2010

Presley all cupcaked out.

What a fun day!

A princess for sure.
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Opening Gifts

showing everyone her new baby doll and stroller

Reese 2nd Birthday

Singing to her, and she is eyeing the Elmo cupcake, that she can't have

Jennifer and Andi

The girls table, enjoying dessert. (oh, Harper is hiding amongst the girls)
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More Birthday Fun

Jeff had Pryce standing in the tunnel, covered completely.

Sweet Adlie Jane

"Aunt" Angela, Audrey, Emmett, and Tricia

Singing Happy Birthday
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Reese's 2nd Birthday!

Note to self: red icing not a good idea.

All grown up

I can't believe she is two!

Sitting on the bounce house. She loves to sit inside while it blows up. Her daddy taught her that.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Cute Pigtails

First time with pigtails, finally her hair is growing out. She loves having them in. She really wanted to put in a movie, but I kept taking pictures, she was getting real tired of me.

I love her expression, looks like she is saying "seriously mom, enough already!"

She glanced at me right before I took this picture, letting me know she'd had enough.
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Christmas with the Bartley's!!

Bekah and I

Reese went straight to Aunt Bekah, so precious. She loves them.

Chris and Bekah sad that we had to part.

They were also trying to recover from and evening with Jeff.
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