Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reese copied Dink, Jeff's dad, and picked up the newspaper and was "reading" it in her chair. I can't believe how fast she copies someone, and now I am very aware of what I do!
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How do I look?

Reese in Angie's hat. She loved taking it off and on.
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This is two nights before my Dad's big day. In the picture are Jeff of course eating b/c he got home late from work. My parents, Tara and my Aunt Chris on the far right and Aunt Avis on the floor. They are my Dad's sisters.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shopping with the girls!

What now mom, just let me play already.

Enjoying lunch with my friend Audrey Moore.

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We love the outdoors!

I am cute, right?

Adlie Ashby just chillin!

Reese and Adlie sharing a snack, Reese eating more of course. Apples are her favorite, however their made.

Reese swing at Ump and Grandma's neighborhood park.
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We've got a climber

So your thinking, Katie what are you doing taken a picture, this looks pretty dangerous. Well you're right, just after I took this picture, she lost her balance and pulled on the drawer which then opened and she fail backwards. Now I usually don't have cat like reflexes, but I did this day and got her just before her head hit the tile. Wow...I'll never take a picture of a dangerous situation next time. Whew...that was close (but cute)
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