Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shopping and Driving!

In Banana Republic waiting on Dad to try on cloths.

So we went to the mall on Valentine's day as a family and Reese was so good while we shopped. And we it was time to leave it was raining so Jeff ran to get the car and then picked Reese and I up at the front. I just hopped in the front seat with her and we pulled around and park so we could buckle her in properly, just in case anyone was wondering. Of course before we buckled her in she had to "drive" some. As you can see she was loving it. So cute, but she can take her sweet time on getting behind the wheel and driving for herself. We are in no hurry for that!
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So Reese loves to climb up on her walker and in doing so she busted her lip for the first time. It wasn't too bad, but she did it twice in the same day. So in order for me to put something cold on her mouth I gave her a cold, wet rag and she chewed on it. She's had a few other bumps since then, but she's a trooper.
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