Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sharp dressed man...

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Austin, Texas

We spent the weekend in Austin for our friends, Hope and Shama's wedding. It was gorgeous and Jeff officiated part of the ceremony! He did a wonderful job! . We stayed at The Driskill, very nice hotel. We set the expectations high for Reese, now, I'm not sure if any other hotel will do.

Watching UT beat Arkansas! Just a few hours before the wedding.

I laid her down on this Fabulous Fur with fur side down b/c she was trying to chew on it, and she ended up rolling her self in it.

Ready for the wedding(she didn't attend though, past her bedtime), but we got some cute pictures. I saw this mini sitting area by the elevators and had to get her picture there.

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Having Fun!

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Sleeping Arrangements

Without power and before the window units we were a little stuffy in the house. Jeff slept on the sleeping back half on the tile (to keep cooler) and half on the carpet. Reese was in her pac n play until early morning then I put her on the floor and slept near by. Our downstairs living area was where we hung out for those 13 days. We camped in our on living room!
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because I can be.....

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.....watch where you step!

One of our many days outside in the evenings during the aftermath I stepped in some fireants. About 20 or so bites later here is my foot! Still healing but it's not too bad.
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Surviving Hurricane Ike

So, we survived and finally got power back 13 days after the hurricane. We were very lucky to get a generator from a friend and our neighbor is an electrician so he hooked it up to our breaker so we could run what ever we wanted. However we didn't run much b/c of the gas use! Jeff had a brilliant idea and bought a window unit for our bedroom and we were given the other one. It worked really well keeping it "cool" in the house. Reese and I would leave during the hotter parts of the day and come home early evening to get the generator started. I don't think we are going to sit the next one out, I'll be leaving before it gets here!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New toy!

We spent all that money and she plays with the tag!

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Worn out!

Reese and her friend Elizabeth had lunch with their moms and friends the other day. They both fell asleep on the ride home. How cute are they! Reese fell asleep holding onto her pink hanging toy, but let go before I snapped the picture.
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hook 'em Horns!

The season has started and Reese is ready!
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