Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Eve heading to church.

Christmas morning, I think Santa(s) was here!
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Not real sure about this man. Once she's older I am sure her mind will change!
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help me...I can't get out!

She has learned to pull herself up in her crib. Sometimes we find her waiting for us, and it's so cute.
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All dressed up.

We were heading to church and Reese is the only one all dressed up.

This was after church! Time to get in my comfy cloths.
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Our Little Lamb

Aunt Tara gave this coat to Reese and I think she looks precious in it!
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Cousin Turner

We went to Midland for 5 days recently, Jeff had to work in Odessa, and we stayed with Jeff's sister, Kim, her husband Joe and son Turner. This is Reese's first time to swing, Turner hung it up for her. She enjoyed it.
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On the road again.

We are heading back from Alabama in these pictures. Reese did really well on the road. The 8 hour trip took us 11 because of traffic and other people's accidents. She was out of her car seat here because of a wreck and enjoying sitting with her Grandma. We were stopped for almost an hour, so I fed her and changed her diaper and she played some. She was enjoying the freedom. All in all the traveling wasn't so bad, but next time I am flying!
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Aunt Angie and Uncle Evan

This was the first time Reese and her Uncle Evan met.
He was serving in Iraq when she was born.

Aunt Angie, Uncle Evan and Reese.
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Great Granny

This is my Granny, my dad's mom and she was able to meet Reese over Thanksgiving.

Four Generations!
Katie, Reese, Great Granny, and Grandpa (my dad)
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Reese with her Great Aunt Glenda and Great Uncle Stuart.
This is my mom's sister and her husband. They live in Lafayette.
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What is mom doing?

We were traveling to Alabama and I had to get her picture on one of the many stops to change her diaper.
(Don't worry I was only 1/2 a foot away ready to stop her if she leaned over the table.)
We did change a few in the car too.
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What are friends for.


can I have your paci?
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