Friday, August 29, 2008

Another playdate

Reese's thoughts....Adlie came over and we played. It was lots of fun!! I can't wait until Adlie is older and we can crawl around together and eventually run around together.

She's thinking about it....

Reese was playing with her friend Adlie, thought about it first and then decided to go for the pacifer. I had to make sure she didn't roll over onto Adlie or scratch her, she just kept grabbing for Adlie. We had a fun day at Adlie's house.
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Reese and The Bartley's

Our good friends came to town and we had a great visit. This was the first time for "Aunt" Bekah to meet Reese. Wish you guys lived closer!
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Reese and Gris

Well we found out Reese is highly allergic to dogs so there is no more floor time with Griswald. He is currently staying with my sister, and we are going to see if her eczema clears up and then bring Gris back for a trial run. We really don't want him gone, so this is very hard. She loves to watch him and laughs at him when he is playing.
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Towel Time

Don't let her fool you, she likes being wrapped up but once we start the lotion process it gets a bit ugly, she does not like it. Currently we have three creams/oitments that we put on her for ecezma. These are the smiles right before the tears.
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Black Tea Bath

Because of her ecezma Reese's allergist would like for her to have a black tea bath at least once a day. She really enjoys it, trys to lick the water. The things we do for our children.
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Play Time...

We all squeezed onto Reese's floor mat to play. It was a bit crowded, but fun!
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